– functionality overview.

Site is designed to create portfolios with shares traded at US Stock Exchanges (Amex, Nasdaq, NYSE) and Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange by simulation of "buy" and "sell" trading operations.

Our site provides you an option to see current value of your portfolio and to compare it with the buying value. Also you can see a history of you previous virtual operations, calculate IRR of portfolio for different periods.

When you add a new portfolio you need to define a virtual amount of money for investment.

For each buy operation on US or Tel-Aviv Stock Exchanges the site deducts a virtual commission of USD 10 or ILS 10 per company shares correspondingly.

The site serves you and provides a real time stock prices of US Stock Exchange and TA Stock Exchange free of charge.

Many beginning traders need to practice before they start to invest real money. For this aim we developed a very helpful simulator. You can start using the trading simulator for free after a registration.

We'll be glad to hear your feedback about this virtual portfolio trading simulator.

We finished to build a new temporary not chargeable service for share price prediction, which is based on ML method processing of company shares history price data of US and TA Stock Exchanges. After the end of each trading day you will see a predicted EOD share price for the next trading day.

The site can be useful for students, economists and other people who want to check their abilities to earn on Stock Exchanges without investing real money.

You can enter this amazing world that is called a trading world. Thank you for showing interest. We are always here. administration.